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Welcome to Total Biz Transformation™, the online program for smart thinking Entrepreneurs who want to set themselves apart and up for long term and sustainable success.  

Being an entrepreneur is a crazy ride, but for you I’m sure it’s in your DNA, just as it is for me. Yes we are a rare breed, the creators, the rebels, the risk takers and the game changers. Yet, for all too many business owners, the stakes of succeeding are insanely low, because the very foundations you’ve built your business on, or are currently building your business on, are shaky at best or downright dangerous, which could lead to worst case scenario financial outcomes for you and your family. 

This is why I set up the Total Biz Transformation™ program—to change those outcomes for you and countless others around the world. This is a movement, to correct that critical foundational part of your venture, so that you and your business are set up for outstanding success, and finally you’ll be proud to own a reliable, growing, money generating machine.

- Anne McKevitt



What is the Total Biz Transformation Program?

Total Biz Transformation™ is the highest calibre online entrepreneur education program, that takes you step-by-step through the foundational elements that you need to build upon to have venture success.  The program is the ONLY place that you can learn the empowering Sequential Success™ method of entrepreneurship, pioneered and created by globally renowned business luminary and founder Anne McKevitt.

It’s this very method that Anne has used to create three decades of landmark business outcomes for herself, advised many Fortune 500 companies on growth tactics, and for the past 11 years she has passionately been the lead guide for some of the most known names on the planet including; Hollywood A-listers, authors, elite brand owners, personality led experts and driven entrepreneurs—taking each to new heights and elevating their outcomes beyond what they imagined possible.

This is the one-of-a-kind program that removes guess-ology forever, setting out what to do, when to do it and how to do it, in an easy to follow format, positioning you to succeed.

Who is The Program For?

This program is aimed at people with zero to 30 employees who are new to business who want to get it right from the start; for small business owners, with a core number of employees, who want to switch from struggling and trying to figure out how to put the horribly difficult “business puzzle” together for themselves; and for those who are established and who want to achieve more. Whatever your level and challenges, the solution is in implementing Anne McKevitt’s Sequential Success™ tried and 3-decade tested foundational formula, that has consistently created exceptional levels of achievements and prosperity. It’s also likely that you have already invested and cherry picked from many other business teachings through other online programs, schools or courses, read business books and attended conferences or expos, yet you have a niggling feeling that something is critically missing that would take you to a whole new level of achievement. Taking action will yield the right results.

  • You’re considering ditching your day job, or you’re already running a side business or you’re a newbie business owner finding your feet and ready for growth.
  • You’ve been in business a few years, have a team you outsource to or have a small group of employees. You’re ambitious for much more.
  • You run a well-established, well-oiled machine. You have systems and processes in place and understand staff hierarchy. You want accelerated and amplified results.

Who is Anne McKevitt?

Anne McKevitt has been identified by iconic publications including The New York Times, Forbes, Inc, Time Magazine and The Times as among the world’s most admired and powerful business leaders for her entrepreneurial endeavors. She was honored as Leading Women Entrepreneur of the World®, as well as receiving many other accolades. She is frequently called the “Billion Dollar Business Builder”.

Anne started her first business at age 23, with only £5,000—borrowed from her MasterCard®. In less than a year she had turned her venture into a multi-million pound success, with a team of 40.

Later she became a veteran of the TV screen, hosting prime time UK BBC lifestyle genre shows for almost a decade. She was known as “Britain’s Martha Stewart” by the media, viewed by an average of 9 million people per week in the UK alone and her shows aired in a further 22 countries, with an estimated viewership of 65 million per week.

In all, for 34 years Anne has been in the trenches, building highly successful businesses from the ground up, for herself, for her personality led clientele and for global corporates including; Fortune 500 companies, Hollywood’s most known A-Listers, leading experts & driven entrepreneurs. As well as sitting on the Leadership Board at Harvard - John F Kennedy School of Government, and being called upon to share her expertise with World Leading Heads of State and their Governments including: President Clinton, President George Bush and President Barack Obama. In the last 10 years Anne has worked alongside 52 past and present world leaders.

Anne McKevitt a Globally Recognized Entrepreneur

featured in hundreds of publications including


What Will I Learn?

If you want more customers, bigger sales, territory growth, the ability to create the right new products or services—the harsh reality is that no matter how ambitious, how vivid your vision or how big your aspirations, none of this reaches its full potential and soars to great heights, without having the optimal foundational framework in place for your business, even if you’ve been running your operation for a significant length of time. The Total Biz Transformation™ program shows you the way to cure the ailments seen in struggling, static growth or not fully maximized enterprises. Using the Sequential Success™ method taught by Anne McKevitt, you will discover how to work smarter, earn more and craft the right business model for freedom and success on your terms.


You wouldn’t jump on a plane for your vacation without packing for your holiday, yet a scary amount of business owners make this type of mistake every day with their enterprises. If that’s you, it’s likely you’ve never been correctly positioned and ready to accomplish triumphant success? The 3-week Pre-Program Immersion is a potent key activity to set you up for attaining success with the entire program module content and long term prosperity impact on your business. During this immersion period you will undertake a full self-assessment of your business and yourself. This uncovering process is similar to what Anne McKevitt strategically uses with her one-on-one clients—even elite A-listers.


Anne McKevitt a Key Business Advisor



Ivy League Educator

Anne McKevitt might have left school at 15 with no qualifications, but she’s made up for that with her outstanding achievements in business. In 2007 Ivy League college Harvard, renowned worldwide for its excellence in teaching and developing leaders across many disciplines, invited Anne to become a member of the Leadership Board at Harvard, John F Kennedy School of Government. As a member of the board every quarter she advised Harvard’s principals on how to develop their business model and regularly lectured students on best business practices.

From 2005 – 2008 Anne held the Executive-in-Residence position at Brisbane Graduate School of Business, Queensland University of Technology in Australia. Each month as a visiting Resident, she advised the University principals on overseas expansion and lectured MBA students on her street smart entrepreneurship style of doing business—business for the real world.

If Anne McKevitt's business advice and teachings are good enough to guide these exceptional institutions and their feted students, imagine what you'll be able to learn if she's guiding you on your business.

Discover How The Program Works

First we want to tell you, we will only give you content that you need to make significant changes in your business. You’ll never get “fattened up” content that you never have time to get through, is completely useless or pointless. After completing your 3 week Pre-Program Immersion, the strategic modules will kick off.  Every week on a Friday a new module is unlocked, with the aim that you dive into absorbing a chunk of the teachings on your weekends, away from your standard work schedule and then you begin implementing the tactics during your working week ahead.  Each module addresses a specific focus, where you will receive powerful business changing advice from Anne McKevitt, delivered through high quality videos, audios, worksheets, charts, templates, transcripts and “must read” insights. You can implement each week as we go along, or learn at your own pace during your membership.


How Each Module Looks

Each module is set up for you, so that it’s an easy step-by-step learning process, with simple to plan implementation actions, giving you the optimal opportunity for execution. Just as the entire program formula is based around a sequential formula for success, so too is the content in each module laid out in a sequential format. With each component piece in a module, we even guide you as to what days of the week we suggest you undertake certain learning’s and tasks.



Over the course of the program, you get numerous opportunities to get direct feedback from Anne McKevitt during her live Q&A coaching sessions. These are scheduled to take place a few days after content is released for modules #3, #6, #9 and #12. If you’re uncertain about your direction, want a second opinion, or want to run an idea or concept by Anne, you and other members have the opportunity to put any questions you have direct to Anne during a live 90-minute long Q&A session. This is an ideal chance for you to hear from Anne McKevitt on any issues or opportunities within your business and to learn from her responses to questions from your fellow participants.


The Business Lounge

We created the Business Lounge so that you can access the library of program content in grouped formats aside from during the modules. The Business Lounge is the fast way to see categories at a glance. For example, easy to grab Cheat Sheets will be available in one zone and uploaded as modules unlock, or if you wish to look at the module videos one after the other, these can all be viewed in one location as each module is released. If you wish to download and keep program content zip files, you can do this here too.

  • Check Lists
  • Cheat Sheets
  • Expert Tips
  • Done For You Templates
  • Training TV library
  • Transcripts
  • Audio/MP3’s
  • Entire Module Zip files



Consistently go the Extra Mile

"Anne’s work led to my first US book being published which achieved #2 on the New York Times bestsellers list, I filmed my first TV pilot, was offered my own TV series, set a Guinness World Record on NBC’s Today Show, appeared on over 60 TV shows including twice on the TODAY show, DR OZ Show, Rachel Ray, Wendy Williams, Boomberg, Good Day NY, Hallmarks Home & Family TV and gained a large amount of print media including a large feature in the New York Times and wide spread online media coverage, as well as being offered retail opportunities via informercials and home shopping. She & her team would consistently go the extra mile."

Michelle Bridges
Online Fitness Guru, Best selling Author, Lead Trainer- Biggest Loser Australia


One of the best investments I ever made, by far.

"In 2012 I joined Anne McKevitt’s entrepreneur consultancy—MDPC Global and worked closely with Anne and her team. Anne stretched me to think WAY, way bigger than I had been thinking. Exponentially bigger. I made my first year’s $350,000 investment back within the first six weeks of working with Anne and her team. I have worked with coaches and consultants for a couple of decades and nobody came close to what it was like working with Anne and her team. I was repeatedly amazed and blown away.

Anne’s impact on my business and on me as a person has been truly life changing; yet all the while remaining true to my own personality and brand values. Anyone who has the chance to work with Anne will also experience incredible results in your business, finances, and personal life too. The experience of working with Anne was one of the best investments I ever made, by far.”

Mari Smith
Social Media Thought Leader, Facebook Expert, Author, Speaker


How to set up a Business for Massive Success

"Prior to meeting Anne I had been in business for 16 years and successfully started, built up and sold 8 small businesses and as a result of this I was fairly confident. The first four months (working with Anne) were a lesson in what I didn't know about business, and were most definitely a steep learning curve that opened my eyes in regard to how to set a business up for massive success. Deep in my heart I knew there was more to business success than I had previously been exposed to - I just had to find the right mentor and advisor. I have found that. If you want to stay the same, don't engage her services. If you want to grow as a person and entrepreneur and discover how to play a bigger game, go for it."

Scott Capelin
Wellness & Salon Entrepreneur


The Best in the World

"I have great peace of mind knowing Anne is there watching my back and that I can turn to her for expert and unbiased advice. I feel extremely fortunate and grateful for her involvement in my business.  Anne has made me millions. I could not have hand picked a better mentor.  This “extraordinaire” business coach is the best in the world."

Sasha deBretton, CEO
The Renovation Company




No other online program for entrepreneurs gets you pre-geared up for extraordinary success. When you “unbox” your Pre-Program Immersion you will see how important it is to get yourself set up just right, with the behaviors, practices and thinking that will most likely help you to succeed.



Three decades of business building experience for businesses of all sizes, from the soloprenuer to Fortune 500 companies and everything in between, are poured into every module. It’s this consistent formula that has been used to build out success at every business stage.



As much as some business owners try to manifest results through abundant thinking, in this online program we focus on what’s tangibly real in business. We leave others to pour love on and share their #gratitude and #blessed hashtags, while we focus on what type of thinking will really improve your ability to realise revenues and reshape your enterprise.



If you are coachable, ready to move away from resisting change, want to be persistent everyday, and tenacity will become your forte? Then what is taught within these unique modules will give you the guidance to move dreams, into tangible bite size goals and ultimately results.

When Does The Program Start?

The inaugural edition of the program ended in mid-October. If you would like us to notify you when the program is next due to start, email us at with “Program 2017” in the subject field or fill out the form below.